Type of hunts in Poland


Individual red stag hunting

European Red Deer – In Poland we can find couple of local variety of red deers like carpatian red deer or masurien. With a great food base and natural conditions for red deers, their population in Poland increasing . That is why we are able to increase our shooting plans as well. Moreover Polish Hunting Association launched a special program with rules of selection which aims to improve the quality of trophies – and it is certainly do.red stag hunts in poland
Ultimate Hunting clients have to their disposal hunting areas where there is a possibility to shoot a record trophies . Top selected areas are located nearly all the way through west part of Poland . Gold medal trophies reach 12-13kg. Hunting season start at the end of August, the middle of September with rut time and ends in February.

Individual roe buck hunting

Individual roe buck hunting – One of the most popular types of hunts in Poland is individual Hunting for roe bucks. Level of population helps to arrange ideal event for roe bucks, on which season starts 11th of May. Exactly these days nature, plants on fields helps to reach perfect results in number of game shoot during premiere hunt. Hunting Travel Agency Ultimate Hunting have in their offer hunting areas, where every season medal pieces has been taken. Average number of roe bucks shoot during hunting is between 4 and 7 – for 3 days of hunting/ 6 outings. Sometimes with some hunting luck – more.



For more demanding hunters we are always proposing rut time ( break July and August), when there is a possibility to find really big trophy and at the same time, train the skills – how to call the buck from the forest. This element make that hunting in Poland is more emotional.
Hunting for roe bucks In Poland is taken In system 1:1 ( one stalker for one hunter). First morning outing start around 5am till 8am . Second outing at the afternoon start around 5pm and finish one hour after sunset.

Hunting Videos from roe buck hunt in Poland: